Weekend Hours

Saturday: 9am - 6pm Sunday: 9am - 6pm Weekdays by Reservation Only

Weekend Hours

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13241 262nd Ave E
South Prairie, WA 98385

Saturday- 9:00am – 6:00pm (or dusk during winter months)
Sunday- 9:00am – 6:00pm (or dusk during winter months)
Monday-Friday– By Reservation

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are always available to ensure quality customer service and an adventure you won’t soon forget! We are here to meet your needs, whether this is your first time or you are a seasoned player. Always striving to improve, K.C. Crusaders is definitely the place to be for paintball in the North West!

  • This place is an old stomping ground. They've been around forever and then some and there's a reason for that. Huge multiple fields for battle - great for large or small groups. The staff is always fun and energetic. And with the new upgrades of newer guns I began to love this place all over again. Reservations can be made or walk ons are always welcomed.

    NAM N.

  • This was my first ever paintball experience and I have to say KC Crusaders really made it an awesome first time. We went there for my step-sons birthday and they made the day. Along with being extremely helpful with kids, 12 year-olds, they were provided us with a free bag of paintballs after one went missing. It is rare to see genuinely amazing customer service, but this place has it. Through out the day the employees would constantly ask how we were doing and if we were having a fun time. Prime example of people truly loving their job. I had a great time and next time I paintball I will be headed right back to KC Crusaders.


  • Bring on the pain! This is a great place for team building...hehe. Wonderful staff. All were friendly and helpful, but some seemed to have been a little over worked. The equipment was very well maintained and in working condition. Prices are decent and you get plenty of paint-balls to do some major damage


  • Camo? check! Rations? check! $30 bucks? check! Semi-auto air-powered rifle? check! Killer attitude? check! Pummeling your IT coworkers and...BOSS?! OH HELL YES!!!

    JC. R.

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Open Play Pricing

For our player’s safety everyone must purchase all their paint at the field. Paint does go bad and can become unsafe and uncomfortable to shoot at people. We want to avoid that problem. If you have paint leftover at the end of the day, just store it in a sealed bag or container and keep it in your house. Protect it from heat, cold and moisture.

Walk On Package $40.00
Includes semi-automatic paintball marker, full face goggles, field fee, all day air, and 500 paintballs

Players with their own equipment
$10.00 Field Fee + $10.00 all day compressed air.


Thermal mask $5
Chest protector $5
Neck protector $5
Pod pack $5
To Keep:
Camo jumpsuit $10
Beanies $10
Gloves $3

Paint Pricing

Bag of 500


Half Case




Group Pricing

Option 1:
$40 per player – Minimum of 10 players.
includes Marker, Goggle, Air, 500 paintballs per player, and all day private field and professional referee. $100 deposit required.

Option 2:
$300 for 3 hour private party – includes all equipment needed, private field, 4000 paintballs, and a professional referee. 15 player maximum. ($30 for each additional player.) $100 deposit required.